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Hello and welcome to TUK Eats, home of the TUK Sauces! I’m Tricia 'Unga Kaho, Founder and owner of TUK Eats, Sauce and everything in between.

I’ve had a love and interest in food and great flavors since I was young child. At six years of age I began washing produce, dicing and peeling vegetables and much more for my large family; Further interest took me to and through culinary training.

Then, starting a family of my own, challenged my creativity and the desire to not only provide meals that nourish the bodies of my loved ones but tasty ones that give them a sense of wholeness and memories to last beyond my home. My mission is to do the same for all my clients.

Whether you’re here to order a meal, a sweet treat or some sauces, I thank you and hope that you too can taste the love I put into everything that’s served.

All the best,


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